Drive-in bingo returns to Fort Erie's Golden Nugget

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As the province slowly opens up, the gaming industry is finding creative ways to reconnect with customers. In the case of Fort Erie’s Golden Nugget Gaming Centre, drive-in bingo is the current solution.

Kim Letourneau, operations manager at the centre said the idea originated last year during lockdown when the centre was looking for ways to keep their customers engaged. Taking some inspiration from drive-in movies, drive-in bingo was created.

“We want to engage with our customers and get our customers back and have some fun, one day a week, just to say 'Hey, we're still here' and keep our business viable.”

This bingo session is the first one in Fort Erie since Oct. 2020, but the third session of its kind in the week. The Nugget had previously hosted a session in Niagara Falls a day prior, and plans to hold another one in St. Catharines on June 20.

After online registration, players drive into the parking lot to check in, purchase their bingo equipment on the spot and are able to play from their car while listening to the number call outs via FM radio. The centre also offers smoking and non-smoking separated parking areas.

100 cars were in attendance for the bingo session, and the maximum number of cars that can register to play is 150. Letourneau said she does look forward to being fully operational and returning indoors in the near future.

Moosa Imran, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grimsby Lincoln News

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