Dress Up Instant Pudding With Fresh, Fruity Additions

pudding with fruit in glass
pudding with fruit in glass - Aegeanblue/Getty Images

Just because you've taken a shortcut along the path to sweetness doesn't mean the presentation of your desserts need to suffer. Instant pudding can be quickly upgraded with a fresh pop of fruit. From seasonal berries to sliced peaches taken out of a can, the simple inclusion of fruit can turn an average-looking treat into something worthy of the 'gram. Whether you choose to layer instant pudding with mango purée, swirl pear or applesauce into your bowls, or top pretty dishes with diced melon, your aesthetically pleasing treat will look as good as it is to eat.

With the addition of fruit, your quick yet satisfying desserts will offer a colorful appearance that will tantalize and delight long before reaching the lips of your guests. Consider topping your vanilla pudding creations with slices of bananas or layer pomegranate seeds and chocolate pudding to present see-through dishes to your dinner party. Garnished with fresh mint leaves or sprigs of rosemary, no one will suspect this dessert came out of a package -- or was so easy to make.

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A Simple Way To Make Pretty Desserts

bowl of pudding with fresh fruit
bowl of pudding with fresh fruit - Tobik/Shutterstock

When choosing which kinds of fruit to add to your whipped-up cups of pudding, think about complementary colors, fresh presentations, and perfectly sized bites. A single slice of a strawberry can add an elegant appeal to a serving of cheesecake pudding, or a piece of tangerine can elevate a cup of chocolate fudge pudding. The contrast of firmer pieces of fruit like diced apples and pears or the gentle bursts of blackberries can add depth to a basic spoonful. Don't have fresh fruit at the ready? Canned fruit cocktail can be drained and added to pudding cups for instant vibrancy and an even sweeter element to brighten your dessert.

Use glass dishes to your advantage by layering or stacking pieces of fruit inside before adding the pudding to each dessert container. To take your pudding presentations the extra mile, top your fruit-enhanced servings with a delicate dusting of powdered sugar, a sprinkle of cinnamon, or fine shavings of chocolate to create a sweet treat that is sure to warrant photographs before they disappear quickly.

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