Draisaitl deserves all the praise for valiant playoff fight

Leon Draisaitl again proved he is amongst the game's elite by playing through injury at such a high level despite Edmonton's playoff disappointment.

Video Transcript

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Say something nice about Leon Draisaitl.

OMAR: Oh, man-- man. No, listen, listen, OK, I--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Say something nice. Say something nice about Leon Draisaitl.

OMAR: We started this year, our second [INAUDIBLE] year.


OMAR: We started this. And I took every opportunity to rip on Leon Draisaitl. I said, he's not a center.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Yes, you did.

OMAR: I said, he's only good when he's playing with McDavid. Listen, man, I-- even though, again, I've been on record and continue to think that playing on a legitimate injury is dumb. If you have a broom, use the broom that is not broken. So despite all that-- exactly, just like that. Avry, sorry.

So besides that-- so besides that, like, I think what Avry-- what Draisaitl was able to do has been crazy. I think I saw somewhere that, like, him and McDavid combined for, like, 65 points on, like 16 games. Like, it's unreal. The Edmonton Oilers live and breathe by Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid. And I think it's such a shame that he was put in a position to have to play on an injury.

I'm putting that all in air quotes. For those are just listening, I put that all in air quotes. So I think it's very unfortunate that he's put in that position. But like, I think just seeing him-- just like, just try. Even in that last game, there are moments where he's, like, hit with pucks and hit and stuff.

And he was obviously laboring. So just seeing him legitimately try to get the team as far as possible, I think there's something I have to commend from there. So Draisaitl, I will trip you no longer, unless you're facing the Leafs.

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