Was The Dragonfruit Renamed as a Tribute to Kamala Harris? What Desi Twitter Wants to Know

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Just few hours left for Vice President-elect Kamala Devi Harris to take over as the first ever female vice president of the United States. As Harris prepares to take her oath, in India, people are cracking their heads whether the recent renaming of the dragon fruit was a way to pay tribute to Harris's upcoming leadership.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, on Tuesday said that the government has applied for a patent to change the nomenclature of dragon fruit to 'Kamalam'. According to Rupani, the word 'dragon 'for the fruit sounded inappropriate, following which the government had decided for the fruit to be called as 'Kamalam'.

The CM made the announcement during the launch of the Chief Minister Horticulture Development Mission. She said, "We have applied for the patent of the Dragon fruit to be called as Kamalam. But as of now, we the Gujarat government have decided to call the fruit as Kamalam."

Rupani pointed out that 'Kamalam' is a Sanskrit word and the fruit does have the shape of the lotus. However, she cleared that "there's nothing political about it."

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But desis online have taken the matter beyond Indian politics by trying to establish a link between the fruit's recent name-change and the much admired Kamala Harris, whose Indian roots have given our fellow countrymen all the more reasons to rejoice her victory. The first time Senator has scripted history by becoming first woman of colour and Indian-American vice president of the United States.

As congratulatory messages pour in for the 56-year-old California Senator on Indian social media, author Veena Venugopal, too took to Twitter to convey her best wishes to Harris for her 'new job' and something else too!

"What an exciting day for Kamala Harris. Congratulations for being the new name for dragon fruit. Oh and the new job," said Venugopal.

Similarly, plenty other netizens wondered whether there's any subtle message behind Rupani's action.

Harris is known for many firsts including being one of the only three Asian Americans in the Senate and she's the first Indian-American ever to serve in the chamber.

Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States and Kamala Harris will take oath as the first woman Vice President, amidst heightened security concerns after a mob of pro-Trump extremists violently breached the Capitol two weeks ago.

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