Dragon Soop: What is the alcoholic energy drink popular among young people?

 (OGDuffy Eats/YouTube)
(OGDuffy Eats/YouTube)

The popular drink Dragon Soop has been linked to an unprecedented surge in youth violence in locations including Newcastle and Northumberland.

Unlike other viral energy drinks such as influencer Logan Paul’s Prime, which caused a stir among young people last year, Dragon Soop contains alcohol.

Alarm bells have been raised by forces such as Northumbria police have linked youth consumption to disorder.

So what is Dragon Soop and what’s in it?

Dragon Soop is a canned drink with an ABV of 7.5 per cent and comes in different flavours that appeal to younger tastes, including apple, blackcurrant, guava, red kola, sour apple, strawberry and dark fruit punch.

The company says the drink contains high levels of caffeine (35mg per 100ml), “blended with taurine, guarana and delicious flavours” and 3.75 units of alcohol per 500ml can.

Dragon Soop is produced by Corinthian Brands (CBL) Limited, a drinks Producer Manufacturer based in North Yorkshire.

The company claims that Dragon Soop is the “number one caffeinated alcoholic beverage in the UK”.

Police have warned that Newcastle city centre suffered from an “unprecedented surge in youth violence” linked to underage drinking last year.

While the drink is sold under UK alcohol licensing laws and is therefore sold under an 18+ policy, the police have reported a rise in teens consuming the drink.

According to Northumbria Police documents lodged with the city council, the spike in incidents during 2023 was linked to youths obtaining Dragon Soop.

The Independent has contacted Corinthian Brands Limited for comment.