Drag Race's Top 4 Revealed — Plus, Luxx Noir London Finally Brings 'Jennifer Coolidge' to the Runway

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No, you’re not looking at a photograph of Tanya McQuoid traipsing around Sicily with her best Judy, but the confusion is more than understandable.

Friday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race paired the five remaining queens with deserving educators for a time-honored family resemblance makeover challenge, and Luxx Noir London had everyone gooped when she basically transformed her teacher into Jennifer Coolidge.

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And the resemblance was more than skin deep. Ms. Reyes (aka Asia Azul) was also fully living her Coolidge fantasy during the group lip sync, which I can say confidently as someone who vividly remembers her performance at Glee‘s big gay double wedding. Can you say the same? Well, can you?!

Of course, the real gag came during critiques when Ru asked Asia, “We’re seeing Jennifer Coolidge. Are you seeing that?” and Luxx’s partner cutely replied, “I don’t know who she is.”

Let me tell you something right now: If you’re ever in the mood to inspire a courtroom-level gasp of pure shock and disgust, tell a room full of gays that you don’t know who Jennifer Coolidge is. You’ll get it.

“Go home and watch some movies, it’s fine,” Luxx told his partner. (Editor’s note: It’s absolutely not fine.)

Unfortunately, this iconic creation and memorable moment did not save Luxx from having to lip sync against Loosey LaDuca at the end of the episode. The judges loved Luxx’s work, but her family resemblance with Asia simply wasn’t there, which was the whole assignment. As for Loosey, her Barb and Star-esque resort looks just didn’t stack up against what the other queens were bringing.

For the second week in a row, however, I have to admit: I really thought Anetra’s win belonged to Mistress Isabelle Brooks. I understand it more this week than I did during the Rusical, as the judges loved the “canned bit” (if you will) that Anetra did with her partner, but let it be known — Mistress ate.

Anyway, Luxx and Loosey faced off to the tune of guest-judge Hayley Kiyoko’s “For the Girls,” with Luxx emerging as the clear winner. That leaves us with Sasha Colby, Anetra, Mistress and Luxx as the official Top 4 of Season 15!

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