Dozens of Palestinians captured and paraded by the IDF in Gaza

Men in Gaza were stripped and paraded by Israeli troops (Social media)
Men in Gaza were stripped and paraded by Israeli troops (Social media)

Dozens of Palestinian men have been pictured stripped down to their underwear and paraded through Gaza by Israeli soldiers.

In footage and pictures shared across social media, a large group of men is seen seated on the ground in Gaza surrounded by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) troops in what is thought to be Palestine Square in Gaza City.

According to reports, the men were said to have surrendered in the Jabalia refugee camp and other areas in northern Gaza.

Although it is unclear if the men were Gaza militants, Israeli news outlet Walla, said they were stripped “to rule out the possibility that they were carrying weapons”.

IDF spokesman, Daniel Hagari said the men had been taken prisoner, but, again, did not say if they were civilians or members of Hamas.

Mr Hagari did say, however, that Jabalia and Shejaiya were "centres of gravity" for Hamas.

He added: “They are hiding underground and come out and we fight them.

“Whoever is left in those areas, they come out from tunnel shafts, and some from buildings, and we investigate who is linked to Hamas, and who isn't. We arrest them all and interrogate them.”

Separately, news outlet Al-Araby Al-Jadeed said its correspondent, Diaa Al-Kahlout, was among those detained and had been taken to an unknown location.

It comes as US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, criticised Israel’s conduct of the war.

“As we stand here almost a week into this campaign into the south it remains imperative that Israel put a premium on civilian protection," Mr Blinken told a press conference after meeting Foreign Secretary David Cameron in Washington on Thursday.

“And there does remain a gap between... the intent to protect civilians and the actual results that we're seeing on the ground.”

US President Joe Biden spoke separately by phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordan's King Abdullah on Thursday.

Mr Biden "emphasised the critical need to protect civilians and to separate the civilian population from Hamas including through corridors that allow people to move safely from defined areas of hostilities," the White House said.

More than 17,170 Palestinians have been killed and 46,000 wounded, according to the Gaza health ministry, since October 7, when Israel began bombarding Gaza in response to a cross-border rampage by Iran-backed Hamas militants, who control the enclave.

The Hamas attack killed 1,200 people, with 240 people taken hostage, according to Israel's tally.

The Israeli military on Friday said 92 of its soldiers had been killed in Gaza fighting since its ground incursions began on October 20.