Dozens missing, one dead in FL building collapse

Search-and-rescue operations began in a town near Miami, Florida on Thursday in the aftermath of a deadly apartment building collapse.

Officials in Surfside have reported at least one person dead and about 100 more missing.

As rescue crews searched through the rubble of Champlain Towers South, friends and family of its residents anxiously waited to hear news of their loved ones.

"They have no idea because they were in the south tower. There's no news yet."

"Yes, tenth floor, looking at the beach…

Reporter: and you haven't heard anything?


Reporter: any word from the hospital?

No, they sent me here."

Local media footage showed a rescue team pulling a boy from the debris and firefighters climbing ladders to reach residents stuck on their balconies.

Miami-Dade Police Director Freddy Ramirez told reporters that the building remains unstable, which makes rescue efforts more difficult.

"We know that the families are very upset. They're in a lot of pain. But we asked for painful patience. I know that's a hard ask. But we have to this is a tremendous task that we're all involved in right now. It's very dangerous."

The cause of the collapse remains unclear.

Though officials said the oceanfront high-rise, built in 1981, required repairs as part of a city recertification process.

The oceanfront tower had more than 130 units about 80 were occupied.