#Cheesecake mystery: Doug Ford's 'stay tuned' message leaves Twitter guessing

Arun Srinivasan
TORONTO, ON- MAY 8 - Premier Doug Ford along with Health Minister Christine Elliott and Minister of Finance Rod Phillips take questions during the provinces daily COVID-19 press conference from Queens Park in Toronto. May 8, 2020. (Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has won plaudits from even his harshest critics for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, but he sent out an ambiguous message Tuesday, leaving his constituency wondering what lies ahead.

Ford took to Twitter on Tuesday evening, posting a photo of himself baking while wearing a t-shirt with “we’re all in this together” inscribed on it, a common phrase that has gained popularity among brands during the pandemic.

The premier tweeted “Stay tuned” while adding the #cheesecake hashtag to the post. Ford would later tweet out Ontario’s daily COVID-19 cases update, while extending the province’s state of emergency through June 2 but did not provide any further, substantive policy updates.

Ford would later announce that his colleague Natalia Kusendova and the Sikh Motorcycle Club of Ontario would be paying homage to frontline workers, but surely that’s not what Ford meant, right?

No one can seem to unpack Ford’s tasty message, but here are some of the best guesses from Twitter users:

Ford’s approval rating has ascended through the pandemic in large part due to his calm messaging and insistence that people remain at home when possible. However, Ford drew further scrutiny when it was revealed that he hosted two of his daughters that don’t currently live with him for Mother’s Day, running counterintuitive to the health guidelines put in place by the province.

If you can figure out what Ford meant in this cryptic message, we’d love to hear it. Until then, let them eat cheesecake.