What Is a Double Lip Line—and How to Wear Lipstick If You Have One

Trying the trend is actually easier than you might think.

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There’s no denying that lip liner has had a major resurgence as of late. Once associated with outdated makeup looks and considered somewhat of a throw-away product, it’s currently having a major moment. You can use it to help create the appearance of fuller lips, make your lipstick last longer, or, as is the latest range on TikTok, create a double lip line. Keep reading to learn more about what exactly this is, plus how to try the look at home.

What Is a Double Lip Line?

“A double lip line is when you can clearly see the natural, outer edge of your lips, as well as a second border around the lips,” explains celebrity makeup artist Mila Thomas. Technically called the vermillion border, this second line is the line of demarcation between the lip and the skin around it, which tends to be lighter than the skin elsewhere, she explains. Accentuating both of these borders is what’s known as creating a double lip line. (FYI, it bears mentioning that some people may have a more prominent vermillion border to begin with—AKA a natural double lip line that’s very apparent. This is especially prevalent in the Black community.)

Who Should Try a Double Lip Line?

If you don’t naturally already have a double lip line, creating the look of one is a great way to help make your lips look fuller, says Thomas. She adds that this holds especially true for those whose lips are very close in color to the color of their skin and tend to blend in more.

How to Create a Double Lip Line

Thomas suggests first lining your lips—within their natural border—using a liner that’s one to two shades darker than your natural lip color. Then, going slightly above that first line, use a liner that’s closer to your natural skin tone to create a line that defines the vermillion border. What’s key here is choosing a lip liner that’s smudge-resistant: “If the lines run or smudge together, you’re going to lose that double lip line look,” Thomas notes. The goal is to end up with two defined lines, right on top of one another. Try her liner pick: Younique Moodstruck Precision Lip Liner ($20; youniqueproducts.com), which she lauds for its stay-proof ability and range of colors.

\Here’s where this differs from many other lip looks—you don’t necessarily have to apply lipstick after the fact. If you want to, you totally can; just keep it within the borders of your lips (i.e. inside both lines) and stick with a tone that’s very close to one of the two liner colors. “You don’t want it to look like you’re adding a third shade,” Thomas notes. But other than that guideline, the formula and finish you choose is totally up to you. Other options: Top your lips with a gloss or just add a little balm so that they look hydrated and healthy and call it a day. The focus here really is about the liner and what’s happening outside the outside borders of your lips, rather than on the lips themselves.

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