Dorian Who Plays With Proportions in New Collection "Noor"

Toronto-based brand Dorian Who celebrates life and freedom with the release of its new collection, "Noor," championing Iranian women's empowerment and agency through the presentation of avant-garde garments.

Exaggerated shoulders add an element of strength and dynamism to jacquard blazers, while voluminous pant legs and buoyant skirts elevate the entire collection. Luxuriously oversized jackets are transformed into regal outerwear as ornately designed fabric cascades down the silhouette, enrobing its wearer.

Elsewhere, bomber jackets exude royal energy as quilted sleeves provide an elegant accent to the printed pieces. Long ties suitable for any and all genders feature Arabic words, nodding to the designer's heritage. "Being an Iranian woman, the creative director resonates with the suffering of people in Iran and people living under oppression. This beautiful collection is dedicated to empowering women’s voices and spreading awareness about the continued oppression of women in society," an exclusive press release shares.

Catch a glimpse of Dorian Who's "Noor" collection in the gallery above. Take a closer look on the brand's website.