Doppelgangers meet? Toby from 'The Office' willing to high-five Joe Ingles on one condition

We might be seeing Joe Ingles with his doppelganger very soon. (AP Photo)

It’s been one of the jokes of the NBA Playoffs: Utah Jazz wing Joe Ingles looks exactly like Toby Flenderson, the HR representative in the classic NBC show “The Office.”

It’s a joke built on a pretty massive grain of truth. Just look at these two:

Now, the joke is reaching the men themselves, specifically Paul Lieberstein, who played Toby for nine seasons on “The Office.” A Jazz fan floated the possibility of high-fiving Ingles after making a three-pointer to Lieberstein on Twitter and received just one condition: a court-side seat.

That seems pretty reasonable, because after all, how is Lieberstein supposed to high-five Ingles from the sixth row? You also can’t blame Lieberstein for setting that condition, as who’s going to let a chance like courtside seats for the Playoffs slip away?

Both Ingles and Lieberstein bring their own talents to the table. Ingles has been one of the Playoffs’ biggest surprises, averaging 15.9 points per game with a 50.9 3-point percentage entering Friday. As far as Lieberstein’s career is concerned, he actually isn’t that frequent an actor. His time is taken up much more by writing and producing for shows like “King of the Hill,” “The Newsroom,” and, of course, “The Office, for which is he was the showrunner during seasons 5-8.

The person who would be most excited for the arrangement might be the most exciting player on the Jazz: star rookie Donovan Mitchell. The 21-year-old guard frequently posts himself watching “The Office” on his Instagram stories, often using it as a shield against the bitter enemy of sleep.

As they say Jazz, the ball’s in your court.

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