DoorDash Responds To Clip Of Driver Spitting On Food After Receiving A $3 Tip

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DoorDash Driver Spits On Food After Seeing $3 TipWPLG Local 10/YouTube / Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

We've all been there: starving, desperate for a quick bite, but incapable of peeling yourself off the couch. That's the beauty of food-delivery apps—or at least it is until your DoorDash driver spits on the food you're so excited to devour during a Netflix binge-a-thon.

Unfortunately for one DoorDash customer that's exactly what happened. A 13-year-old boy left what he thought was a good tip for his order, which only required a half-mile trip. But then the clearly disgruntled driver was caught on a Ring camera spitting on the food, The New York Post reports.

The camera captured the Florida-based delivery driver setting the food down, snapping a quick pic for proof, and then repeatedly spitting on the order while angrily mumbling something clearly unkind.

"He got angry because maybe he thought the tip was small, and he spit in the food," Crisanto told the news outlet WPLG Local 10. "If it wasn't because of the camera, no one knows. I wanted to vomit, because who does that?"

Crisanto said that while ultimately he did receive a refund for the incident, he was initially denied one despite providing the footage to DoorDash. Ultimately, a customer service rep was able to refund the teen for his purchase.

Twitter users were shook at the incident. "I just don’t understand how people think that they won’t be seen doing these things….," one person wrote. Another chimed in, "He should be locked up nobody knows what he's got and he spits on someone's food."

However, others seemingly defended the driver. "If you don’t tip you run the risk," a third person wrote. Another agreed, writing, "Perfectly correct response." Oof.

As for DoorDash, the food-delivery platform quickly took action.

"While we empathize with the frustration of not receiving a tip, this behavior is unacceptable and falls far below the high quality experience we aim to provide," a spokesperson for the company told Delish when we reached out for comment. "We have removed the Dasher from our platform and have reached out to the customer directly to help make things right."

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