Here are donors to the Charlotte Observer’s Empty Stocking Fund

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The Charlotte Observer has sponsored the Empty Stocking Fund since about 1920. All of the money that people contribute goes to the Salvation Army’s Christmas Bureau, which buys toys, food, clothing and gift cards for families.

Here are the latest donors for this year’s campaign:

On behalf of, Amount

Adelaide A. Craver, $350

Andrew and Christine Beloni, $500

Anne and Russell Ranson, Jr., $500

Anonymous, $250

Anthony DeSain, $25

Barbara Perzel, $25

Chris and Laurie Brady, $500

Claire and John Tate, $250

Clyde Smith, $100

Connie and Jerry Hill, $100

Constance Bobbitt, $100

David Hurwitz, $100

Earl and Renda Brinson, $50

Ed Hord, $25

F. von Schmeling, $50

Gail Gilbert, $250

Harold Anders, $25

Howard McCoy, $100

Ingrid Smith, $500

John and Dorothy Rea, $100, In memory of Sibyl and Carroll Dellinger

John Crehore, $100

K. Martin Waters, IV Memorial Fund, $350

Kirrene Donaldson, $100

Linda Walsh, $25

Mary Capel, $250

Mary E. Weir, $25

Michael Clement, $500, In memory of Kaki Ballou Clement, from her sons

Michael Rankin, $1,000

Michelle Petiya-Folsom, $100

Monika Soler Correa, $35

N. Scott Rembert, $250

Nancy G. Turner, $500

Nancy Jacobs, $250

Paula Owens, $66

Randy and Johnadee Matzke, $150, In memory of those that have passed before us

Sally Geib and Tom Tanton, $1,000

Sandra H. Fischer, $50

Sean Mayo, $200

Stefan Kneubuehl, $50

Susan Marchetti, $100

Teresa Bradley, $500

The Horne Co. Partners, LLC, $500, In memory of Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Horne, Stan Horne & William P. Horne and W.S. Horne

Theodore Smith, $200

Tony and Diane Summerlin, $150

William Schmitt, $250, In memory of Daniel and Jane Schmitt

Today’s Total $10,601

YTD Total $37,591

How to donate

To donate online: To donate by mail, send checks to: The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte, P.O. Box 31128, Charlotte, NC 28231. Make checks payable to The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte and write “Empty Stocking Fund” in the memo line.

Questions concerning your donation? Call 704-716-2769.

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