‘What have you done to my face?’: Adele horrified after fan uses beauty filter during Vegas concert

Adele was surprised at a recent gig when a fan used a beauty filter on her face during a close-up video.

The multi-award-winning artist is currently performing regularly in Las Vegas as part of her residency at the Colosseum stage at Caesars Palace.

In a video posted to social media on Sunday (27 November), an excited fan beckons the “I Drink Wine” singer to be a part of her selfie video.

As Adele comes into the shot smiling, her facial expression quickly sours as she realises her face appears different to how she expected.

“Oh my God, what have you done to my face?” she says in horror, as the emotional fan stares into the camera.

“Woah! Girl, get that filter off my face,” Adele continues, backing out of the shot.

Soon after, she returns to ask: “Why are you doing filters like that? We don’t look like that, darling.”

In response, the fan agrees: “I know.”

With Adele speaking into the microphone, the wider audience is able to hear the amusing interaction and laugh in the background.

Adele is shocked when a fan uses a filter on their faces during selfie video (Twitter)
Adele is shocked when a fan uses a filter on their faces during selfie video (Twitter)

Since the launch of her long-awaited residency earlier this month, Adele has been met with praise from audiences and critics.

In their review, Billboard called the performance “utterly and breathlessly spectacular” adding: “It was remarkable to see a performer at her level be so present and take in all she had accomplished in arriving at this moment.”

Elsewhere, rapper (and documented Adele fan) Stormzy was spotted at the show with Adele’s partner Rich Paul, and later praised the show in his Instagram Story.

The start of this residency had been delayed since January when the singer cancelled the shows last minute claiming the venue “lacked intimacy”.

Ahead of her debut performances, Adele admitted that she’d “never been more nervous”.