Donald Trump leaves White House for last time as US President as he says: Have a good life, see you soon

Luke O'Reilly
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<p>Donald Trump and his wife Melania have left the White House</p> (Getty Images)

Donald Trump and his wife Melania have left the White House

(Getty Images)

“Have a good life, and we will see you soon.”

With those words, and the blasting soundtrack of the Village People’s YMCA, Donald Trump signed off on a tumultuous four years as president that have upended the norms of American democracy.

Mr Trump was addressing a small gaggle of adoring supporters at the Joint Base Andrews Air Force, shortly after leaving the White House for the final time on Wednesday.

“It is my greatest honour and privilege to have been your president,” he said, as the crowd chanted “thank you Trump”.

The ad-libbed speech came ahead of Mr Trump and his family boarding Air Force One to fly to his beach home in Florida, hours before his successor Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th president.

By leaving Washington D.C. ahead of the inauguration, Mr Trump will become the first president not to observe the transfer of power in 152 years.

A red carpet had been placed on the tarmac for Mr Trump to walk as he boards the plane.

He wished the incoming administration good luck without mentioning Mr Biden by name, and suggested that the United States’ future had “never been better” — but only because of his work.

Earlier Mr Trump had emerged from the White House to stride across the South Lawn to board Marine One.

He said, "It's been a great honour, the honour of a lifetime."

The former US President will have a military sendoffAFP via Getty Images
The former US President will have a military sendoffAFP via Getty Images

Despite leaving the White House, Mr Trump will shadow Biden's first days in office.His second impeachment trial could start as early as this week.

That could test the ability of the Senate, poised to come under Democratic control, to balance impeachment proceedings with confirmation hearings and votes on Biden's Cabinet choices.

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