Donald Trump Jr. Shares Bonkers Meme Of His Dad That Could Terrify The President

Donald Trump Jr. is back to sharing strange memes of his father online.

But his latest one could terrify the president.

President Donald Trump’s eldest son on Monday posted a doctored picture of his dad ― shirtless, and with a shark on his shoulders ― to Instagram.

It was an attack on the impeachment inquiry into Trump over the Ukraine scandal. However, former porn star Stormy Daniels has claimed Trump (with who she reportedly had an affair) is terrified of sharks.

“Haters will say it’s fake,” read the caption on the edited snap.

“I’ve heard from the same ‘reliable sources’ that the Democrats have used during their sham impeachment inquiry that this is in fact very real,” wrote Trump Jr.

The image appears to have emanated from this 2003 WWE SummerSlam commercial starring wrestler Brock Lesnar:

Trump Jr. has previously shared a Pornhub-style meme of his father:


(Photo: )

Trump as a Christmas ornament:

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And Trump as Superman:


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