Donald Glover shuts down Community movie delay rumour

donald glover, community
Community star shuts down movie delay rumourNBC Universal

Donald Glover is not happy with being blamed for the Community movie delays, sharing that he isn't the cause of the hold up.

Speaking to Deadline, Glover reassured fans that the highly anticipated movie is still in the works, though he doesn't have all the details.

"Oh, it's happening. I don't know when. I swear, I don't know when," he said.

donald glover, community
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The actor played Troy Barnes in the hit series, which followed the adventures of a group of community college misfits. Since then, Glover has had a hugely successful career and his busy schedule was rumoured to be the reason for the Community movie delays.

"Everybody is hating on me on the internet for this!" he laughed. "Everybody's kinda like 'We know that you're the reason.' Maybe I was last year — maybe — but not this time."

When asked if there was a script for the movie, Glover claimed: "I haven't read it yet. I haven't gotten it yet. I think Dan's [Harmon, Community creator] working on it.

"But that's all I know!" he added.

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Airing for seven seasons, the zany sitcom featured a noteworthy cast including Alison Brie (Annie Edison), Joel McHale (Jeff Winger), Gillian Jacobs (Britta Perry), Danny Pudi (Abed Nadir), Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley Bennett) and Chevy Chase (Pierce Hawthorne).

In the past, the stars have been vocal about wanting to return for a movie and have since been keeping fans updated on the production.

McHale recently joked that filming would be dependent on Glover's schedule, while Brie was able to confirm that she had read the script and given it her seal of approval.

The Community movie currently has no release date, but it will stream on Peacock.

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