‘Don’t @ me!’: Taron Egerton questionably equates wearing fake moustache to childbirth

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Taron Egerton has expressed his strong disdain for wearing fake moustaches, going so far as to compare the “horrendous” experience to childbirth.

The 33-year-old Welsh actor stars as real-life videogame designer Henk Rogers in Apple TV Plus’ new movie Tetrisreleased on Friday (31 March) – which tells the story of how the Russian video game made its way to the West.

To accurately portray a young Rogers, Egerton was made to wear a fake moustache throughout the film.

“It’s absolutely horrendous, I will never do it ever again, it doesn’t matter how much you pay me. Don’t let me wear a fake moustache ever again,” the Kingsman: The Secret Service actor pleaded during an appearance on Good Morning Britain’s Thursday (30 March) episode.

Recalling that he had sported one years ago in 2016’s sports drama Eddie the Eagle, Egerton explained: “I wore that for part of the movie, and I said, ‘I will never do that ever again’ because it’s the most uncomfortable thing. But a bit like childbirth, I forgot.

“Yes, I am comparing wearing a fake moustache to childbirth,” he acknowledged, before raising his hands in defence: “Don’t @ me!”

The expression “don’t @ me” is similar to saying “no offence”, asking others not to respond to their potentially controversial takes by tagging them on Twitter.

“I think, were it real, I may have loved it, but it was a bit of movie magic. And my word, that thing was so uncomfortable,” Egerton added, quipping that he had worn one “because the moustache that God gave me is a little lacking”.

“It looks quite good, though!”

Just last week, Egerton appeared to rule himself out of being cast as the next James Bond, saying he didn’t feel he would be the “right choice”.

Tetris releases on Apple TV Plus on Friday (31 March).