Don’t tar fives with public school brush

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<span>Photograph: Martin Godwin/The Guardian</span>
Photograph: Martin Godwin/The Guardian

Excellent news about the latest wallball court (Report, 8 April), but please don’t think that fives is cobwebbed in a public school niche. There are public fives courts under the Westway in London, and our sturdy local pensioners’ group, Bunch of Fives, restarts this month, along with many others. Covid has been spent practising against church walls, a national pastime going back to the 12th century.
Martin Wainwright
Thrupp, Oxfordshire

• Margaret C Tomkins (Letters, 7 April) refers to lancashire crumbly and tasty cheeses, but omits the lovely lancashire creamy. Also, I’d suggest Darwen Market as the best place to sample these delicacies.
Judith Wright
Darwen, Lancashire

• Jonathan Bard underestimates the longevity of great political cartoonists (Letters, 7 April). In fact, 2 November this year marks the 40th anniversary of Steve Bell’s first If... strip cartoon.
Graham Head

Marina Hyde (6 April) says David Cameron “tanked his own Brexit referendum”. The rest of us are still picking up the pieces. I sent three parcels to Belgium for my grandchildren – value £90, postage £20 – clearly marked as gifts. My son had to hand €117 to his postman for “admin and customs fees”.
Winifred Mallon
Hamilton, South Lanarkshire

• To Lucy Mangan and Judith Silverman (Letters, 6 April), who don’t get on with Schitt’s Creek, can I recommend Shtisel – a witty look at the life of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family in Jerusalem. It fits the bill as an intelligent family saga.
Ian Ferguson
Pickering, North Yorkshire