Don Julio Just Dropped a New Ultra-Premium Tequila With Agave Honey

Don Julio 1942 has been a bottle service staple for years, but that’s not the only tequila from this popular brand worth paying attention to. The latest expression is called Alma Miel, and this brand-new release stands out as a blend of aged and un-aged tequila that was distilled with agave honey.

Alma Miel, which translates to “honey soul,” is classified as joven tequila because it is a blend of ages: añejo tequila aged for a minimum of 14 months and then finished in Crémant du Limoux wine casks (a region in France known for its sparkling wine), and blanco or un-aged tequila. But the latter part of the blend gets a special treatment—it is distilled with oven-roasted agave honey. According to a rep for the brand, the agave honey is expelled from the pina hearts as they are oven roasted, and adding it during distillation increases the roasted agave notes on the palate. We got to try an early sample of this new expression, and those flavors do come through along with a combination of sweetness and spice. The most prominent note is fresh ripe pear, which is complemented by flavors like sweet honey, lemon, grass, vanilla, black pepper, and a soft and pleasant earthiness.

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Don Julio has partnered with Mexican musician Christian Nodal on the launch of this new expression, and he will be involved in a promotional film that comes out next month as well as helping to curate a dinner series to showcase Alma Miel. This new release joins the brand’s permanent lineup, which includes luxury expressions like Ultima Reserva and last year’s port cask-aged Rosado. Alma Miel will be available at liquor stores nationwide in the coming months and is currently in stock at websites like ReserveBar, along with the rest of the lineup.

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