Call Her ‘Emcee Flapchunks the Third’: Doja Cat Is the Queen of Trolling

doja-cat-2022-RS-1800 - Credit: Mindy Small/FilmMagic
doja-cat-2022-RS-1800 - Credit: Mindy Small/FilmMagic

The average tweet from @DojaCat on Elon Musk’s bird app should be approached with caution.

On Thursday, the artist formerly known as Doja Cat announced her alleged new stage name, Emcee Flapchunks the Third, in a tweet.

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“My stage name is no longer doja cat its Emcee Flapchunks the 3rd and youll address me as such,” Doja Cat declared. (We asked her rep if she was serious. We don’t think so, but we asked. We haven’t heard back.)

The singer followed up her name change announcement by writing, “Fell for it.” I guess we did.

This is just the latest in Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini’s Twitter shenanigans over the last few months.

On Tuesday, Doja Cat tweeted something seemingly trollish about her last two albums Planet Her and Hot Pink, calling them “cash-grabs,” and announced the title of her next album, First of All.

Planet Her and Hot Pink were cash-grabs and yall fell for it,” she tweeted. “Now I can go disappear somewhere and touch grass with my loved ones on an island while yall weep for mediocre pop.”

It’s unclear which island she’ll head to, but we know that Doja has a penchant for trolling — which she’s ramped up over the last few months as fans await her new music.

Earlier on Tuesday, she went live on Instagram, playing what appeared to be a new song, as she dropped a few spoken bars.

The last few tweets and online interactions from the “Bitch, I’m a Cow” singer have been equally vague.

A few days ago, she tweeted about stepping away from her pop sound completely and responded to Twitter user @LongLiveFag, who claimed her pop songs were the reason for her “relevance.”

“I’m so sorry that you’ll never learn that being relevant is not all that matters in this short life we live on earth. Grow up,” Doja clapped back, later adding that she “won’t” add pop songs to her new record to another user.

Last month, on April 8, well before she purred her way through an interview with Emma Chamberlain on the Met Gala red carpet, she went on a Twitter rant about whether or not she’d leave music for good — and what her new album would sound like.

First, she teased songs, including one with the title “Wet Vagina,” and added that she’d release “no more pop” while calling her rap verses “mid and corny.”

“I know they are,” she wrote. “I wasnt trying to prove anything I just enjoy making music but I’m getting tired of hearing yall say that i can’t so I will.”

The following day, on April 9, she announced that her new album, instead of rap as promised, would be a “rock/spoken word” record titled Moist Holes.

Then she said “Jk,” and teased a “French conceptual experimental country/bohemian fusion with the essence of blue-grass” LP with 100 features.

Doja Cat topped off the night by threatening to quit music altogether.

She tweeted “i quit music,” and followed it with “jk” and then “no I’m serious I quit music,” followed by “jk I’m not. relax,” and finally, “jk i quit I’m done with this music shit it’s only making me sadder every day. i cant take it anymore.” After that, she misspelled “jk” as “jp” and said she’d “finish this album.”

A few days later she teased multiple albums after writing: “Album. Album? Albums,” and later said she kept “changing my mind” about what to name the record. (She also RT’d a shoutout from producer Jay Versace who said, “Doja be rappin her ass off.” Wait… so does she actually think her raps are “mid and corny”?)

Oh, and there’s this below:

A day later, on April 13, she and SZA released a reimagined version of “Kill Bill,” teasing its release in the most normal tweet exchange she’s had in weeks.

The week after her April 9 tweet tirade, she shared a screenshot of what appears to be her computer’s iTunes with new song titles. Again, we’re not sure what is real or what isn’t, but she teased track titles such as “Fuck the Girls,” “Never Have I Ever, “Agora Hills,” “Love Life,” and Disrespectful.”

She then went on Instagram Live on April 18 to more than 50,000 viewers and played tiny snippets of what she says is her new album: “That’s it. I swear to god. That’s the album. That’s the whole fucking album.”

She cackled after playing the snippets and then replaying them again. We’re not sure if she’s serious or not: The music sounded like random beats she found on SoundCloud, but it’s unclear what even is real.

Doja’s tweets in February and March were quite sporadic: “Fart in my cock” on Feb. 17; “*satanic imagery and occult symbolism*’ on March 12, “Wish I could suck my own titties, that’s how good they look rn god damn” on March 21. And the only indication of new music was when she tweeted #HellMouth, whose track list she teased on Instagram. (She later retracted that.)

Around the time of her cock-farting tweet, she spoke to Variety and teased that she was “going in a more masculine direction” with the new record and stepping away from her “pop and glittery sounds” of the past.

Over a year ago, the rapper threatened to quit music after clashing with fans who criticized her for not stopping to interact with them at her hotel while in Paraguay to perform at the Asunción festival. That rant, in particular, felt rooted in her attempting to navigate unrealistic expectations rather than her burning desire to be an edgelord.

“I don’t give a fuck anymore I fuckin’ quit I can’t wait to fucking disappear and I don’t need you to believe in my anymore,” Doja Cat tweeted in the midst of a lengthy back and forth with fans, even though the event was eventually cancelled due to extreme weather. “Everything is dead to me, music is dead, and I’m a fucking fool for ever thinking I was made for this.”

In the time since, Doja Cat has won a Grammy Award for the SZA-assisted “Kiss Me More” and more recently teamed up with the R&B singer on the chart-topping “Kill Bill” remix. She also reimagined Big Mama Thornton’s classic “Hound Dog” for the Elvis soundtrack champion “Vegas” and delivered a headliner-worthy performance at Coachella. For someone who wants to quit music, she sure spends a lot of time in the studio making music.

“When you’re dealing with a real artist, everyone makes mistakes. Everyone says things. I would be lying to you if I said there wasn’t nervousness [about her being online],” her manager Gordan Dillard told Rolling Stone in 2021. “But Doja’s growing into an adult. She’s maturing. She’s a human being. And I can never be mad at her for being herself. She is who she is.”

So, is Doja Cat dropping new music? Is she quitting music? Will she stop making pop music altogether? We’re not sure — and it’s clear her tweets are likely not where we’ll find out what’s for real.

This story was updated o May 11 at 2:50 p.m. ET to include the singer’s tweets about her stage name.

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