Dog With Zoomies Wreaks Havoc While Toddler Laughs His Heart Out

A toddler in Tallmadge, Ohio, couldn’t stop laughing when his German shepherd had the zoomies in the family’s living room, resulting in the canine carrying around the boy’s play tent.

The video, recorded by mother Tiffany Nicholson, shows then-18-month-old Miles laughing uncontrollably as big dog Taylor whizzed around the room and barged into his little play tent.

Miles, who is now 7 years old, “had the most infectious laugh that just made everyone so happy,” Nicholson said.

She told Storyful that the couple got Taylor as a puppy, just days before they found out that they were expecting their first child. “The day we brought Miles home from the hospital, Taylor almost had this mama instinct,” she said.

She added that the German shepherd had an “INCREDIBLE” bond with the boy, saying: “As he became more able to interact with his surroundings, she took on a playmate role. It was like she’d do anything to make him laugh!”

Nicholson, who was nine months pregnant with the family’s second child at the time the video was recorded, said that the dog exhibited a similar behavior with their daughter, but that the couple “always noticed her bond with Miles was just amazing.”

Nicholson said, “She ‘tucks them in’ at bedtime, jumps in each of their beds to lay with them for a few moments every night. We often hear her up in the middle of the night, going in to check on them.”

Nicholson said that Taylor, who will be eight in November, is now “more a mama dog than ever” to Miles. She posted the footage to TikTok in October last year, where the video went viral. Credit: Tiffany Nicholson via Storyful

Video Transcript


- Taylor, are you OK?

- Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama.

- What happened?

- Mama.

- Where'd she go?