Dog wandered into cornfield and was missing for a day. Then owner heard ‘little bark’

A 10-year-old Basset Hound in Canada, known for wandering into her owner’s cornfield, always comes back.

But this time the “loving” Ontario living pup named Hannah didn’t return, leaving owner Ruth Vanderlaan (@Vanderlaand on TikTok) panicked.

“I was doing evening chores and Hannah went into the cornfield, which I wasn’t worried about because she always comes back,” Vanderlaan told McClatchy News in a phone interview.

Vanderlaan said she thinks Hannah followed a raccoon into the field and “didn’t give it a second thought.”

“I kept doing my chores because she always comes back,” Vanderlaan said. “When I went inside after my chores she still wasn’t home and even though she sleeps inside I still wasn’t concerned because she always comes back.”

It wasn’t until the next morning that Vanderlaan learned Hannah never came back.

“Now I’m thinking, she’s been outside all night and that’s like your baby but I just thought maybe since she’s an older dog she got tired and curled up in the field and would head back when the weather warmed up,” Vanderlaan said.

But that didn’t happen. So Vanderlaan posted Hannah as a lost dog and phoned the dog catcher but no one knew where she was.

“Dogs like Hannah are used to going into corn but for humans it’s not fun. I was looking through the thick corn, calling her name and eventually walked towards a creek near the end of our property,” Vanderlaan said.

“I know my chance of finding her was slim but I had to try,” Vanderwall wrote in a Sept. 22 TikTok that has amassed over 4.2 million views as of Oct. 3.

Just as Vanderlaan started to feel “terrible” and was beginning to grasp the possibility that she “wouldn’t find her” she heard a “little bark.”

“We have coyotes so I started to think the coyotes got her,” she said. “I was at a low low point. I stood by the end of the corn with my phone buzzing with people asking if I’d found her yet and in that moment I heard a faint bark.”

Vanderlaan started walking towards the barking and realized Hannah was about 100 feet away in the creek.

“She had fallen in the water and was staying close to the bank,” she said. “Half her body was in the water.”

Vanderlaan said she “cried like a baby” when she was reunited with Hannah.

“Hannah! Where are you? I can hear you. Are you in the water?,” Vanderlaan can be heard saying in a Sept. 22 TikTok.

Vanderlaan called for help to get Hannah out of the creek as it was “muddy and steep.”

“We got rope and were able to use that to get her out,” she said.

As for what Vanderlaan has done to prevent this day-long chaos from ensuing again, she bought a tracker.

Unfortunately, Hannah’s tracker doesn’t work in the countryside so Vanderlaan plans to figure out what kind of tracker will work best but for now doesn’t think this “type of thing will happen again.”

“She’s always with my other dog Stan” she said.

TikTok users rushed to the comments to share how happy they were that Hannah was found.

“Poor chunk chunk! I’m so happy she’s home!,” one person said.

“I’m so glad she was found and is OK. Sweet pupper girl,” another user said.

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