Dog returns home without 84-year-old owner. MA rescuers found him stuck in embankment

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An 84-year-old man was rescued from an embankment after his dog returned home without him, Massachusetts authorities said.

The man, who has “mobility issues” and uses a cane, fell 20 feet down an embankment and had been “yelling for help for hours” on Monday, Oct. 3, the Northampton Police Department said on Facebook.

The man went for a walk with his dog around 6:30 p.m., police said, and usually comes back to his South Street home within half an hour.

This time, “however, the dog had returned home with its leash in tow, minus its owner,” according to police.

The man’s wife called police to help find him, officials said.

“Within minutes” of searching the area, officers found the man, police said.

With the help of Northampton Fire Rescue, officers rescued the man who was taken to a hospital for “minor injuries,” police said.

Northampton is about 20 miles north of Springfield.

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