Dog Patiently Plays with Rescue Puppy She Realizes Is Blind in Sweet Video (Exclusive)

Dog Patiently Plays with Rescue Puppy She Realizes Is Blind in Sweet Video (Exclusive)

“They changed their play to adapt to his disability," the dogs' owner, Sarah Elliot, tells PEOPLE

When Sarah Elliot brought home a blind rescue puppy named Sherman in June, she wasn’t sure if her other dog, Wicket, knew he was visually impaired — until she witnessed a sweet moment between the canine pair.

Elliot, who lives in Calgary, Canada, shared a TikTok video of Sherman and Wicket, playing with a soft toy last week. In the clip, Wicket sets the toy in front of Sherman for him to smell before each pooch begins tugging at it from their respective sides.

Elliot tells PEOPLE she was impressed with how patient Wicket was being — especially when Sherman lost his grip on the toy and Wicket waited for him to regain it.

<p>Sarah Elliot</p>

Sarah Elliot

“She didn't try and just run away with it, like, ‘Oh, I won,'” she says. “She was like, ‘Play with me. Okay, I'll wait.’”

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Elliot says when she first got Sherman, the two dogs would play on the floor inside. Sherman, who’s almost 9 months old, is about 100 pounds and would bump into the walls and furniture. So, they began wrestling on the couch instead, so Sherman wouldn’t get hurt.

“It's like she helped him,” Elliot says. “They changed their play to adapt to his disability, which was cool.”

<p>Sarah Elliot</p>

Sarah Elliot

Elliot says after posting the video, she read many comments from people with dogs who are visually or hearing impaired sharing similar stories.

She describes Sherman as a “goofball” who fits in well with her brood of pets, which also includes an older cat named Toby, and two kittens, Pork and Beans.

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“He just likes to have fun,” she says of Sherman, who she was told is a mastiff mix. “Everywhere we go, people just love him.”

Wicket, a one-and-a-half-year-old boxer, is also “super goofy.”

“Wicket has an unreal amount of energy,” Elliot says. “Sometimes Sherman's like, ‘I need a nap,’ and Wicket's like, ‘But we should play still.’ It's pretty funny. She's really, really silly too, because I've got videos of Wicket completely upside down on the couch, trying to play with Sherman and just being so crazy all the time.”

Elliot says playing with Wicket has helped Sherman adjust to his new home — and Sherman has helped Wicket too.

<p>Sarah Elliot</p>

Sarah Elliot

Elliot had a 9-year-old dog named Luna who died earlier this year after being diagnosed with cancer. Wicket had grown up with Luna and had never been alone before.

“Wicket developed some anxiety and she was kind of insecure,” Elliot says. “Then, once we got Sherman, I could really see she settled down. She's more confident. She's just more comfortable and calm and relaxed.”

“They seem so close,” she added. “They cuddle, they play together all the time. They're so comfortable together. They have their little routine. It's really special. I think they mesh really well.”

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