Dog owner mauled to death by dogs after helping his pet being attacked, Texas cops say

Houston Police Department

A man mauled to death by his neighbor’s dogs was still being attacked when officers arrived, according to Texas police and news reports.

The Houston Police Department said the fatal incident happened on Wednesday, Feb. 1, outside a home on the northwest side of the city.

The man went outside when he heard commotion, according to KTRK. He then saw his neighbor’s dogs attacking his own pet after they got through his fencing, KTRK reported.

Police told KPRC they believe the man tried to intervene, when he too was attacked by the dogs.

He was still being attacked when officers arrived, and one of the dogs charged at one of the cops, according to KRIV. The officer was forced to shoot the dog, and the dogs ran off through a fence, police told KRIV.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the TV reports. His identity has not been publicly disclosed.

The dogs, whose breeds are unclear, were taken to an animal shelter, KHOU reported. Police have not said if charges will be filed against the neighbor.

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