Halifax community rallies for lost pup in Hurricane Fiona

After the devastating Hurricane Fiona battered parts of Atlantic Canada on Sept. 24, people from communities are gathering together to protect the wildlife and connect lost animals to their owners.

A recent tweet by Dr. Ardath Whynacht went viral on social media about a lost puppy in Halifax.

Thousands of people shared the tweet on various platforms and are working together to connect the puppy with her owners.

Following the devastation, the Nova Scotia SPCA also relocated animals from its shelters in Sydney following the devastation caused by Fiona after one of their shelters was heavily damaged. Officials said the shelters sustained heavy damages to the roof, signage, and doors.

The storm also left many birds in Nova Scotia with broken bones, physical trauma, and exhaustion. Hope for Wildlife was said to be caring for 100 birds—three times the number of birds they usually came for.

According to owner Hope Swinimer, the birds were all tossed and thrown around in the strong winds by the post-tropical storm and many were bitten by dogs and cats when they were resting on the ground.

After causing heavy damage across parts of the Carribean and Bermuda, Hurricane Fiona touched five provinces in Eastern Canada, bringing with it torrential rain and hurricane–force winds of up to 160km/h.

It caused heavy damage in many coastal communities, knocking down trees and power lines. Many still remain without power after the storm.