Does TikTok's Viral Raw Carrot Salad Really Balance Your Hormones? We Asked Nutritionists

It's bright, simple, and healthy—but does the #rawcarrotsalad trend live up to its health claims on TikTok?

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It seems like there’s a new food fad or recipe going viral on TikTok every day. One of the most recent ones is raw carrot salad (#rawcarrotsalad), with more than 27.8 million views and counting. While a bowl of raw carrot ribbons may not sound like the tastiest food trend you've ever heard of, it's certainly a nutritious one. In fact, one of the reasons for its popularity are the lofty health claims around it. Specifically, TikTok-ers are insisting that this viral carrot salad is said to balance hormones, and that women should be eating it every single day.

But what does that even mean, and are the claims really true? Here’s everything you need to know about this food trend, according to nutrition experts.  


What Is Raw Carrot Salad?

At its core, this raw carrot salad in particular is a simple combination of shaved carrot ribbons tossed in a bowl with seasonings like olive oil, coconut oil, sea salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice. 

“What's great about this particular salad trend is that the recipe calls for just a few ingredients: thinly sliced carrots, or ribboned carrots, with a touch of vinegar, olive oil, plus salt and pepper to taste,” says Jessica Forrester, M.S., R.D., LDN.  “Beyond the low level of prep, it's an affordable, healthy option as the ingredient count is minimal. Some salads require upwards of 10 fresh ingredients, which can get up there in cost, especially if you're buying organic.”

“Pairing a carrot salad with a dressing of apple cider vinegar, olive oil, sea salt, and pepper is a great way to add fiber and healthy fat to a meal," says nutritionist Alessandra Echeverria, founder of Eaton Broshar Nutrition, adding that there are several ways to turn raw carrots into a full meal. "Add a lean protein source and you have a balanced meal. I always recommend to my clients that they prepare a salad like this in advance for the week and bring it for lunch on-the-go or at work. It's also a perfect picnic salad.”

Carrots Are Super-Healthy

There’s no denying how nutritious carrots are. While you may have heard that carrots are great for eye health, thanks to their vitamin A and beta-carotene content, they're also beneficial for gut health. “Twenty-five grams of fiber per day is recommended for adult women," Echeverria says. "One 7-inch carrot contains 2 grams of fiber. Carrot salad can help you meet your fiber targets." This bright veggie also provides potassium and anti-inflammatory plant compounds like polyphenols.

So whether you prefer to whip up a super-trendy raw carrot salad or snack on carrot sticks dipped in hummus—you’ll reap all the nutritional benefits of this naturally nutritious vegetable.

Is the Raw Carrot Salad Really a Magical Way to Balance Your Hormones?

Raw carrots are packed with good-for-you nutrients and a great addition to a balanced diet that supports hormonal health overall, and eating this salad certainly can’t hurt your hormones. However, the jury’s still out on just how much of an impact eating them really has, explains Echeverria, and the TikTok-viral health claims out there (e.g., that every woman has to eat this exact salad every single day, or that it will completely change your life) aren't yet formally substantiated. “Scientific literature does not support claims that carrots have the unique ability to fight estrogen dominance.”

The hormone-related health benefits of carrots may have to do with their fiber content. Since carrots are high in fiber, they can help support and improve gut health, which can indirectly aid hormonal balance.

“Like most vegetables, carrots are high in fiber, which improves gut health," Forrester confirms. "Because gut health plays such an integral role in overall health, carrots, and their fiber-rich content can help balance the entire body. A well-balanced gut can help keep other functions in check including hormones."

If you want to give this pretty, delicious, and nutrient-packed dish a try, go for it! TikTok is a fantastic place to find recipe, food prep, and presentation inspiration. But if you're truly concerned about your hormone levels (or another health-related issue), don’t rely on social media to make big choices regarding your health. Book an appointment with your primary care doctor or an endocrinologist (hormone specialist) instead.


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