How Does Burger King's Million Dollar Whopper Contest Actually Work?

Hand holding Million Dollar Whopper
Hand holding Million Dollar Whopper - Burger King

If you've ever dreamed of being a top burger chef (or just rich), you're in luck. Burger King has launched a nationwide contest that lets you create your own specialty Whopper recipe for the chance to win a cool million dollars. With a helpful AI companion (called "Grilliam"), you can enter three to eight toppings you'd like to see atop the burger chain's signature sandwich. Grilliam will then generate a picture of your fantasy Whopper. You can even submit the recipe to Burger King to win a million dollars and have your sandwich offered at Burger King locations for a limited time.

Of course, Burger King isn't just handing out wads of cash to any old burger designer. Million Dollar Whopper Contest submissions will be reviewed by a committee of judges who will narrow the entries down to the top three. These three finalists will have a chance to go to Burger King headquarters in Miami, where they'll get to work with the fast food industry giant and refine their concept. The three offerings will then be available for purchase nationwide, and customers will have a chance to vote for their favorite. The winner will receive $1 million.

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The Fine Print

Phone open to Whopper contest
Phone open to Whopper contest - Burger King

You can use the AI tool to add a variety of toppings to your spin on the famous Whopper. The sky is the limit (almost). Entries cannot include shellfish or nuts since those are top allergens. So leave the peanut butter and lobster Whoppers out. Otherwise, the AI allows for plenty of creativity, but before you go off creating a foie gras and caviar-topped Whopper, keep in mind that the judges will make their decision based on "feasibility, popularity, and innovation."

U.S. residents registered as Royal Perks members can submit up to three Whopper recipes for consideration from February 5, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. ET through March 17, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. ET. The final three Whoppers will be released nationwide and open to public voting in November. There's no fee to enter, and the second and third finalists will receive an unspecified cash prize. Even if you don't manage to swing one of those final spots, there's still one perk that will keep a little cash in your wallet. Your first entry qualifies you for a free Whopper with a $1 purchase.

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