Dodgers broadcaster suffered a broken wrist after going down Brewers mascot’s slide

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Screengrab of Jomboy Media Twitter video

Some things in life are best left to team mascots.

Dodgers TV reporter David Vassegh learned that lesson Wednesday. Vassegh got the opportunity to go down Bernie Brewer’s slide at American Family Field in Milwaukee, and he initially was excited.

Vassegh found out the hard way that there is no padding one the wall at the end of the slide. Video of his trip quickly went viral after Dodgers announcers Joe Davis and Nomar Garciaparra introduced the clip on Spectrum SportsNet.

“Vassegh’s been talking for three days about going down the slide in Milwaukee, and I’ve never heard somebody so excited about doing anything, and David did do it today,” Davis said. “Watch.”

The video showed a terrified Vassegh sliding his way to infamy.

Garciaparra and Davis were cracking up after the video was shown and Davis said, “I want to report that he’s OK.”

But then Vassegh came on and he was wearing a cast on his right arm.

Here is the video.

Apparently, it wasn’t just the arm that was injured, as Dodgers blogger Matthew Moreno shared.