Dodge Charger Goes Airborne At Roundabout

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But it's no General Lee...

Is it just our imagination or do Chargers keep going airborne? And are people still struggling with roundabouts? In this case, both happen, and it goes about exactly as you'd expect. It seems like Chargers have just always had a hard time keep all fours planted, and maybe there's some lineage of the General Lee to blame, except these modern-day jumps are a little underwhelming compared to what the Duke boys used to pull off.

In this brief clip, we are reminded of how grateful we are that so many businesses and intersections have high-quality surveillance, otherwise, the driver might have just done the drive off of shame and no one would have known the wiser, except the grass maintenance guy.

Without knowing the exact speed of the Charger, it does seem to dart quickly into the roundabout, which is appreciated for the sake of keeping the traffic flowing, but only if you can execute the extremely wide half-circle 'turn' ahead. The roads seem to be wet, but the Charger also seems to be a Scat Pack (at most) and shouldn't have problems in a light drizzle at nearly any speed. Then again, the video is time stamped at 2 am in the morning, so it wouldn't be surprising if there was more that contributed to this.

After lifting off the ground for a split second leaving the road, it takes out a small tree, and definitely lost the rear bumper in the process. There's not much else to say about it, except that it's pretty entertaining to watch over and over again.

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