New Dodge Charger EV Will Emulate V-8 Vibrations Too, Patent Suggests

dodge charger ev
New Dodge EV May Emulate V8 Vibrations, Per PatentDodge

Dodge still has not announced exactly what will replace the dearly departed Charger and Challenger, but all signs point to an unnamed and often-teased EV that looks a lot like the Charger Daytona concept revealed in 2022. That concept came with its own unique artificial exhaust note, but a new patent filing suggests that Dodge's plans to emulate the V-8s of its recent past don't end there. The final production version of the brand's electric muscle car could also feature simulated engine vibrations.

Dodge's parent company Stellantis plans to create both "Active Sound Enhancement" and "Active Vibration Enhancement," according to a patent filing with the World Intellectual Product Organization that was first found by Mopar Insiders. The former appears to work in concert with another exhaust sound system to create the simulated exhaust note that Dodge has referred to in marketing materials as "Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust." The active vibration system seems to be a new concept, apparently generating vibrations throughout the car in something that sounds like a larger version of the systems that sim racing wheels use to generate the sensation of steering feel.

In practice, that means the car should vibrate in specific places depending on a variety of conditions to mimic the feeling of a car with a big, gas-powered engine. Together with the exhaust note system, it produces what the filing calls a "vibroacoustic experience." The brand suggests that this could also serve as a security feature, providing the driver the reminders of what the car is doing that they would get from a traditional gas-powered car but would not experience in an EV.

More details on what this system does should come when Dodge finally reveals its EV muscle car. Now that the brand is showing the car uncovered, that day has to be coming soon.

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