Doctor Who's Isaac Newton star Nathaniel Curtis never actually filmed with David Tennant

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Doctor Who's Isaac Newton scene stars didn't meetBBC

Despite appearing on screen together, Doctor Who stars David Tennant and Nathaniel Curtis have never actually met on the set of the show.

Curtis appeared as Isaac Newton in ‘Wild Blue Yonder’, the second of three specials to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the BBC series.

In the scene, the Doctor (Tennant) and companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) startle the famous polymath just as he discovers his theory of gravity, though the group were never actually on set at the same time.

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As revealed in spin-off show Doctor Who: Unleashed, the scene was filmed across two different locations due to scheduling and logistical reasons, with the action being spliced together.

“It’s a shame [we didn’t film together] – I’ve met Nathaniel and he’s really nice. I would have loved to do a scene with him,” said Tennant, before he joked: “Apparently he asked to have nothing to do with us – he asked to be kept apart. He was very particular.”

“I love David Tennant,” added Curtis. “He’s such a lovely man and a brilliant Doctor. I grew up watching him as the Doctor, so it’s very surreal [to star alongside him].”

‘Wild Blue Yonder’ was shrouded in much secrecy before its airing on Saturday (December 2), with showrunner Russell T Davies explaining his decision to keep the details under wraps.

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“We kept this very secret. I think that might have had an unfortunate effect. I think everyone's expecting Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi and the ghost of William Hartnell,” he said.

“I kept this secret for a very simple reason, because I think it's nice to keep some episodes secret, but also because this is the simplest one of the lot.”

Doctor Who returns for three 60th anniversary specials, continuing with 'Wild Blue Yonder' on December 2. The show airs on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ elsewhere.

Classic episodes of Doctor Who are now made available via BBC iPlayer in the UK as well.

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