Doctor Who recap: Flux chapter six – The Vanquishers

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“What an awfully big adventure,” said Kevin McNally’s Prof Jericho as he faced certain death at the hands of either a Sontaran or the Flux, or possibly both simultaneously. And in fairness to executive producers Chris Chibnall and Matt Strevens, in pre-publicity they promised that Doctor Who: Flux was going to be an awfully big adventure. It was.

Did chapter six work as a standalone episode where Sontarans invaded Earth and used it as a base to conquer what was left of the universe? Yes. Did it work as a unifying story to tie together all the disparate threads of the past six weeks? Not always.

First up, things that were good. The portrayal of the Sontarans trod the line well from enjoyable buffoonery (getting addicted to chocolate, being regularly thwacked on the head) to grimness (not even blinking at the idea of wiping out the entire Lupari species to further their aims).

Steve Oram’s Joseph Williamson got back to his time, like Vincent van Gogh before him, knowing that his work was valued. And Jemma Redgrave was imperious as Kate Stewart. She said she hoped she would see this Doctor again. I hope we see them together again, too.

Chibnall delivered a multi-Doctor story a la The Three Doctors – even to the point of having two Doctors work together while one was stranded elsewhere – but with all three Doctors being the 13th Doctor. That allowed Jodie Whittaker to drive the plot forward in every location. It also made her vocalised exposition much more bearable when it was being delivered as a chat with herself over the Tardis console.

What didn’t work so well? They had earned victory in the end, because the Doctor had convinced the Ood stationed at Division to weaken the Flux, she herself had distracted the Ravagers and sabotaged the Sontarans’ plan, and Di (Nadia Albina) had inspired the idea of hoovering the rest of the Flux up with Passenger. However, the climax of the Big Bad arc was essentially that an even Bigger Bad rocked up, said they were displeased with failure, and bumped off Swarm (Sam Spruell) and Azure with very little fanfare. Before that, I thought Rochenda Sandall’s Azure was the pick of the bunch this week – she delighted in taunting the Doctor.

Whether this episode is a storytelling success depends on what comes next. If the following three specials pick up the loose threads as we head towards this Doctor’s regeneration, it may have worked as a springboard for those stories. If they don’t, and the end of the divisive Timeless Child arc is “The Doctor hides a fob watch inside the Tardis and we never mention it again,” that is rather more “OK, so what was the point of all that?”

The lengthy melancholy coda to this episode of everybody – except Prof Jericho – getting back to their correct space and time (but all seem to have lost something) also took the wind out of chapter six’s sails. But it was, for me, a decent episode that ended what was the best, most consistent season of the Whittaker era.

Sum it up in one sentence?

Time kills the Doctor’s enemies while she saves her friends and what is left of the universe; then she puts aside her quest for her hidden memories and mysterious past lives – or does she?

Life on board the Tardis

“Come on, Scouse. Let Yorkshire show you the way!” was probably the line of the night. I take my hat off to Mandip Gill’s Yaz, who has finally been allowed to be a strong, organised, effective companion in this series. I saw someone make the point that Dan (John Bishop) has hardly even spent hours with the Doctor, but he has spent years off screen with Yaz as the leader, and his tribute to her when the Doctor arrived in the Williamson tunnels felt apt.

The scene where Yaz and the Doctor spoke together alone in the Tardis felt like the closest we’ll get to the Thirteen-Yasmin “Thasmin” relationship so many in fandom have invested in. But I can’t be the only person who felt sad for Dan that Di’s reaction to her ordeal was to push him away for being late for their date-not-a-date at Halloween. At least it gave him motivation to get into the Tardis and leave Liverpool behind.

One of the most powerful scenes was about the life on board the Tardis we presumably won’t ever see, as imprisoned together on the Sontaran ship, it slowly dawned on the Doctor that Karvanista used to be her companion and that she had broken his heart. They must have gone through many scenarios just like that which she can’t remember. There’s a spin-off waiting for Jo Martin (the Fugitive Doctor) and Craige Els’ adorably grumpy space-dog character as her companion out there somewhere.

Mysteries and questions

For a series that threatened to answer so many questions and provide so many reveals, as an episode, The Vanquishers just … didn’t. Bel and Vinder weren’t revealed to be anybody important’s parents. We never saw any of the Doctor’s former lives. Nobody was the Rani in disguise. And Annabel Scholey’s Claire – to my great chagrin – may have made a welcome return and been a brilliant psychic, pivotal to the Sontarans’ plans, but was not revealed to be anybody who would permanently join the Tardis crew.

I felt especially teased in the scene where Craig Parkinson was torturing the Doctor, and she commented on his double pulse, and he said “You can call me…” and it wasn’t a build-up to him being the Master. He was a joy as the Grand Serpent, though, and deserved his fate.

Talking of Bel (Thaddea Graham) and Vinder (Jacob Anderson), did we really just watch six episodes of their quest to find each other to only see two scenes of them together, one of which was “By the way, we are having a baby?” and then that’s it? Surely not? But then last week I couldn’t believe they’d killed off Tecteun.

And did the Flux story really finish with most of the universe destroyed and the Doctor not trying to use the “seed bank” Tecteun mentioned on Division’s space station to try to restore and repopulate it?

Deeper into the vortex

  • The opening salvo of Commander Stenek’s message to space echoed the words of Anthony Ainley’s Master in 1981’s Logopolis, where he hooked up a microphone to a radio telescope on Earth and gleefully announced: “Peoples of the universe, please attend carefully. The message that follows is vital to the future of you all.”

  • Stenek also referred to the Rutans. Long cited as the perpetual enemies of the Sontarans, we only saw them once, in the 1977 Tom Baker story Horror of Fang Rock.

  • Given the not exactly cryptic warning from the Time entity at the end, it may well end up that Hot Camp Master™ – as Dan Martin used to call him – may have been pulling the strings all along. We will surely see him again before Whittaker leaves?

  • I got so excited about hearing Nicholas Courtney’s voice last week that I failed to notice they’d given him the wrong rank and then misspelled his character’s name in the credits. You’d think, in 2021, fan service like this would get the details right. But then, I think I’ve spelled Karvanista about five different ways in these recaps, so glass houses/stones, etc.

  • Sony has officially acquired Bad Wolf, which will be producing series 14 of Doctor Who for the BBC.

  • If the Sontarans killed all the Lupari, does that mean they killed my species-bonded personal walking-talking space dog? I’m furious.

Next time

There are three more Whittaker episodes left, starting with a New Year’s Day special that features Adjani Salmon, Aisling Bea, Pauline McLynn and, it turns out, Daleks! If you need more Doctor Who in the meantime, there is a new and enjoyable box-set of three audio adventures starring ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston reprising his TV role. Fantastic!

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