Doctor Who confirms fate of major character in final special

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Doctor Who special confirms fate of major villain@bbcdoctorwho - BBC

Doctor Who spoilers follow.

Doctor Who's third and final 60th anniversary special snuck in an unexpected update regarding The Master.

Last seen on his last legs in the 2022 episode 'The Power of the Doctor', Sacha Dhawan's time-travelling villain was mentioned by The Toymaker in 'The Giggle', as Neil Patrick Harris's Toymaker boasted of a great victory over The Master while speaking to the Doctor.

"The Master was dying and begged for his life with one final game and when he lost, I sealed him for all eternity inside my gold tooth," revealed the trickster.

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However, when the two bi-generated Doctors took down The Toymaker in later scenes, his gold tooth was snatched away by a mysterious hand, hinting at The Master's potential revival.

Dhawan himself previously told Radio Times that his time as the character may not be over.

"I feel as an actor that I'm so fortunate and I've done my thing with him. But at the same time, you know what it's like with Doctor Who; you could blow a character to shreds and they'll still find a way of coming back," shared the actor.

"I think it's good to maybe have a break from it, and if I was asked to maybe come back, I think I'd inject a new lease of life into it now having had a break from it," he continued.

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Ben Blackall - BBC

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Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy back in July, he also admitted: "I think if I ever got the call, or Russell [T Davies] messaged me, I'd be there, because it's such a great character as well.

"There are so many places he can go, and characters he can be. So there's definitely some unfinished business there."

Doctor Who airs on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ elsewhere. Classic episodes of the show are now made available via BBC iPlayer in the UK as well.

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