DJ the Peacemaker? Carolina Panthers star prevents fight at Fan Fest, videos show

Without ever laying a hand on anyone, Carolina Panthers star wide receiver D.J. Moore prevented a fight among fans at the team’s annual Fan Fest on Thursday night, videos reviewed by The Charlotte Observer show.

It’s Fan Fest, Moore appeared to tell the arguers as he looked up at the rest of the fans inside Bank of America Stadium, as if telling the men, “c’mon, already, stop it.”

Fan Fest lets fans watch the team practice and enjoy performances by the TopCats and mascot Sir Purr. Fireworks provide the finale, but this time they erupted in the seats.

As the team practiced, Moore suddenly walks to the tall, padded concrete barrier that separates the seats from the sideline, and looks up into the stands, the videos show.

Y’all wanna be like that,” Moore yells in a video posted by sports anchor Amanda Ferguson of Greensboro TV station WFMY. Moore motions with his thumb as if to say take it outside.

He then grabs the top of the pad with his hands, pulls himself up and stands on the barrier as he talks to people in the seats, according to the videos.

Moore repeatedly waves his hands in a way that tells people to stop what they’re doing.

@idjmoore holdin it down!!!” one fan posted with the video.

A second fan video shows those who appeared to be arguing when Moore arrived.

He looks up at the rest of the fans in the stadium and can be heard telling the arguers that it’s Fan Fest, i.e., no place to be fighting.

Moore then lowers himself back onto the field.

“Good for D.J.,” a woman can be heard saying in one of the videos.

Fans on Twitter were bewildered that a fight was about to break out.

“Who goes to fan fest to fight?” asked one. “Our fans Super Goofy.”

“Why is there almost a fight in fan fest?” another fan asked on Twitter. “At least wait for a real game!”