Disney's Festival Of Holidays 2023 Features A Full Lineup Of New Boozy Drinks

Disneyland castle decorated for the holidays
Disneyland castle decorated for the holidays - Aaronp/bauer-griffin/Getty Images

The holidays are a special time at Disney parks, with characters, performances, and decorations honoring a diverse array of celebrations including Christmas, Hanukkah, and Diwali, and that sense of excitement always extends to the food and drinks as well. The announcement of Disney's food lineup for its resorts is anticipated every holiday season, with each new year bringing a host of special creations. While all of the parks get some new treats, one of the biggest events, the Festival of Holidays, is where a lot of the must-have menu items are, and, this year, the Festival at Disneyland in California is going all-in on boozy beverages.

The 2023 Disneyland Festival of Holidays is happening from November 10, 2023, through January 7, 2024, at Disney's California Adventure Park and Downtown Disney District. There is, of course, plenty of new food according to a Disney Eats press release, like a barbacoa tamale and an impressively festive Mad Santa Macaron, but specialty alcoholic beverages have always been a big draw for the adults at Disneyland's restaurants and holiday celebrations -- and, in fact, Disneyland expanded its alcoholic offerings at its restaurants in 2023.

Plenty of unique cocktails and beer were offered in previous years, and the 2023 menu looks like it has outdone even those wide-ranging offerings. There are flights of both beer and wine offered at foodie favorite spots like Brews & Bites and Grandma's Recipes, while the holiday cocktails come in a range of options that mix wintery inspirations like apple pie and chai with a dash of sunny Southern California flavors.

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Disney's Festival Of Holidays 2023 Features New Cocktails, Beers, And Wine

A red cranberry Disney holiday cocktail
A red cranberry Disney holiday cocktail - Disney/Facebook

Most of Disney's Festival of Holidays marketplaces feature new exclusive cocktails this year, with Grandma's Recipes offering a maximalist Berry Pomegranate Paloma that mixes tequila with blueberry purée, lime, cranberry, and pomegranate juices and agave syrup, then tops it with a Fresca vodka spritz. It's garnished with orange and served in a glass rimmed with a chile-lime seasoning. Meanwhile, A Twist on Tradition is serving a deep-blue Glacier Margarita that's garnished with Champagne Bubbles candy and made with blue curaçao, coconut and rosemary syrups, and white cranberry and lime juices.

Holiday Duets' option is a grapefruit-garnished Cuban Parranda Cocktail with a Caribbean-inspired mashup of white rum and maraschino liqueurs, with falernum, soursop nectar, grapefruit juice, and mint syrup. Some other highlights include the Spiced Pear Mule at Winter Sliderland and the chai tea and oat Holiday Cocktail with Kahlúa at Lamplight Lounge. Impressively, the beer offerings may be just as creative.

Making Spirits Bright has a decadent Chocolate Mint Stout Shake, and Sonoma Terrace is serving a Holiday Hopscotch, which is a golden ale flavored with vanilla and butterscotch. As always, most of the beer action is happening at Brews & Bites, with the standout being a Churro Ale from Garage Brewing. That churro beer is also offered as a frozen slush with butterscotch, gingerbread, and house-made churro toffee syrups. For wine, Grandma's Recipes is serving a Winter Wineries flight with three varietals. It looks like no matter what booze you like to celebrate with, Disneyland's Festival of Holidays is going to have an option for you.

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