Disney 'concerned' Taika Waititi’s Hitler satire Jojo Rabbit will alienate studio’s core fans

Ellie Harrison

Disney is reportedly “concerned” that Taika Waititi’s forthcoming Hitler satire will “alienate” the studio’s core fans.

Jojo Rabbit was acquired from Fox by Disney in the recent takeover and, according to a report in Variety, Disney executives have voiced their concerns over the film, which revolves around a little boy whose imaginary friend is Adolf Hitler.

Thor: Ragnarok filmmaker Waititi stars as an imaginary version of the Nazi leader in the film which is being released by indie-focused distributor Fox Searchlight.

“Halfway through one recent viewing one executive grew audibly uncomfortable worrying aloud that the material would alienate Disney fans," reads the Variety report.

"His unease may have been over the film’s cutting-edge satire, but it was also an expression of the culture clash taking place as the two studios embark on their new union.”

Jojo Rabbit will be released in UK cinemas on 3 January 2020