In the discussion of Texas’ student-athletes and the SEC, what about the education?

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Honor Lee then ban her work?

Isn’t it ironic that the Texas Senate, with its recognition and veneration of Opal Lee as a Texas icon (July 23, 1A, “Texas Senate honors civil rights icon for Juneteenth bill work”) also just passed Senate Bill 3, banning what critics falsely describe as “critical race theory” so teachers will not be able to discuss the realities of what Juneteenth stands for with their students.

- John Kerulis, Granbury

What about that word ‘student’?

I grew up a diehard University of Texas fan during Darrell Royal’s heyday, graduating in 1974. I bemoan the cash grab of today’s college athletics. Institutions abandon historic rivalries, chasing TV money. (July 27, 1B, “TCU issues statement with Oklahoma, Texas leaving the Big 12”)

Players bank big bucks for their names, images and likeness rights (paydays that previously would have led to suspensions or worse). Players flood the “transfer portal” searching for roster spots offering more exposure. One-and-done players force us to “root for laundry,” and so on.

Lost in this climate is any educational component of the players’ matriculation. Although I appreciate the athleticism of players with trajectories toward professional careers, the “student” in the student-athlete has all but disappeared among elite players in high-profile sports.

During the Final Four, a starter was interviewed about life in the “bubble.” He gave great insight into his activities outside of practice and games. Not once was studying mentioned, though it was mid-semester. How sad is the new reality.

- Gary B. Strong, Fort Worth

There will be a price to pay

The saga of betrayal being played out by the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma is awful. Both schools have forgotten a basic rule of life: You dance with the one who brung you.

I hear it’s all about money. Neither university lacks funds. Well, just how much money is enough? What is the going price for honor, loyalty, tradition and friendship?

As a graduate of both OU and UTA, I find the price too high.

- Martha Walker, Arlington

Parents, you share the blame

Most people will agree we have a problem with gun violence in the United States. Far too many recent shooters have been less than 18 years of age.

A person younger than 18 generally may not legally possess a gun in Texas. Parents, how are your children getting guns? We read of teenagers being shot in the middle of the night. Parents, why was that child not home?

If a child under 18 years of age commits a crime, I believe the parents should receive some type of legal punishment. Yes, I have children. No, they did not have guns. No, none of them was on the street at 3 in the morning.

- Harold L. Smith, Arlington

I saw realities in the Army

It’s no surprise that many evangelical pastors (some with political aspirations) do not believe systemic racism is real. I served 21 years in one of the most diverse organizations in the United States — the U.S. Army.

I lived, trained and deployed with Black soldiers. Several of my Army buddies relayed stories of racism they had experienced in the recent past: being harassed by white law enforcement officers even after presenting military ID, being told to leave a diner in a majority-white small town, being followed by store security. These are law-abiding patriots with military security clearance who served in combat areas.

Jesus said, “The truth shall set you free.” Some conservative Christians do not want the truth exposed.

- Frederick Gregory, Arlington

Want to watch the games? Good luck

NBC’s coverage of the Tokyo Olympics is the worst ever. No one knows what’s on and when.

The Star-Telegram listed six different events at 7 a.m. Sunday, all on NBC, but the network provided no indication in what order they would be broadcast. Even my Dish Network on-screen menu is confused about what NBC-affiliated networks are carrying what and when.

The premier events are on Peacock, which is a pay-to-view streaming service. Not everyone has that capability or money.

I like to root for American athletes and watch international athletes excel in sports with which I am unfamiliar. I am disgusted.

- Randy Branson, Graham

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