Disciple Media Releases Multilingual App Update

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LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / August 17, 2022 / Disciple Media (Disciple) today announces that they will soon release a multilingual update to their white-label community platform. This update means Disciple can offer a full solution to non-English speaking and multilingual communities by translating the member-facing apps (available on web, iOS, and Android). They are in the early stages of deciding which languages will be available, following a trial of French. The release will give community hosts the ability to customise their official platform language, which will be used for push notifications and emails. Additionally, community members will be able to experience the app interface in the default language of their device.

In addition to the language update, Disciple has made improvements to data security and notifications. Members now have more control over their data, including the ability to delete their account and content directly from the app.

Disciple has also refined how notifications work to group similar notifications together and give members control over what types of notifications they receive. This makes the platform more valuable to active communities by giving more visibility to important content and reducing the volume of low-value notifications.

"Our Disciple platform is always evolving so that our hosts can build thriving communities and stronger businesses. We're breaking down language barriers and making Disciple apps the best choice for communities in more geographical regions, because we believe that everyone should be able to find and connect with their people. I can't wait to see Disciple-powered communities benefit from the new language, security and notification features," said Alec Bertram, the Head of Product at Disciple Media.


Disciple Media is on a mission to help you bring people together by building you a place where your community belongs. Your app is a place to share your unique passions, be your authentic quirky selves and create meaningful experiences together. You deserve to feel that glorious sense of belonging that only comes from a trusted and secure community. No spam. No ads. No algorithms.

With Disciple, you get all the tools you need to grow, engage, and monetize your community. Need to see how it works? Disciple shares a wealth ofstories of their customers' successes and the thriving communities they have helped to build, from The Rolling Stones to Action for Happiness. As a user of Disciple's platform, you can store and share your content from one central place, create groups, charge subscriptions, live stream and so much more.

Disciple is the only community platform you will ever need. It's quick to set up with your own branding, flexible to your needs, intuitive to use and provides you with all the tools required to build a thriving online community across Web, iOS and Android.

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