Chris Boucher explains how media have villainized Dillon Brooks

On the latest Hustle Play, Chris Boucher discusses Dillon Brooks' comments about LeBron James and how media outlets are making the Grizzlies forward out to be something he is not. Watch the full episode on our Yahoo Sports Canada YouTube channel or listen on the podcast feed.

Video Transcript

- Well, you mentioned 3 and D. Your boy, Dillon Brooks-- have you been watching the NBA playoffs?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Mm-hmm. I've been watching every game, yeah, for sure.

- You've been following. Your boy, Dillon, man-- he's yelling in people's faces, punching guys in the balls. This guy's off the chain. He's a beast out there. He ain't afraid. I'll tell you that much.

CHRIS BOUCHER: He never was.

- He wants all the smoke.

CHRIS BOUCHER: He never was.

- He's legitimately--

CHRIS BOUCHER: That's just who he is.

- --a villain at this point.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I feel like it's the third time we've come here, and every time, I say the same thing. He's always been like this.

- He took it up a notch, though.

CHRIS BOUCHER: No, he didn't.

- No?

CHRIS BOUCHER: No, man. Dude's always been like this, man. I met him like that, you know what I'm saying? On the court and off the court, he's two different person. And on the court, obviously, he is more like, I want it. Whoever is in front of me, I'm the best out here, rah rah rah.

And it look crazy 'cause you're like, damn, he really means everything he's saying right now. He doesn't feel like this is not facts. When he said, LeBron, you're old, he means it.

- And he gotta drop 40 on him?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah. To be honest with you, that's probably how every guy think in their head. It's just that he said it. I would think that, too. If I would play like LeBron, I'd be like, man, I need you to drop 40 on me, or I wouldn't feel anything, you get what I'm saying? And that's probably how everybody feel, but I wouldn't go in the media and say that. I wouldn't say, hey, LeBron, you're old, and drop 40 on me. That's not who I am.

But he said it. And most of the time, I feel like people need to understand, now, is that what Dillon says now is what most people think in their head, but don't say it. And most of the time, what makes you a villain is when you're able to say stuff that people don't want to say that keeps inside their head.

- That is true.

CHRIS BOUCHER: And now everybody's like, you're a villain 'cause you're not supposed to say it, but you do. And that's how you get there.

- So he's not talking shit. He means that.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I don't think he's talking shit. What did Dillon say that was out of context?

- Nothing. Well, he is old. That's a fact, in NBA years.


- That's number one.

CHRIS BOUCHER: LeBron says it himself-- he's old. He keeps his beard gray sometimes just to make you guys realize how old he is, and he's still killing you guys, so he knows it. What's wrong about that?

- Maybe it's a compliment, then.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Every time LeBron jumps a dunk, he's like, 20 years in. Everybody does it, and it's not mad when they do it. But when Dillon's like, he's old, coming from his perspective, that's bad. That's what I'm saying. Media likes to play with what you say, man.

- That is true.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I do media now, man. I know this shit.

- But damn, a shot to the balls?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I don't think he did that on purpose.

- Well, it looked like he was reaching for the ball.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Exactly. Like I said, the first year, he tried to go for a block. He hit somebody in the head, Gary Payton yeah, right? Hit him in the head, boom, injury. If Gary don't get hurt, he just gets a flagrant 1. It's cool. But now he gets a flagrant 2. Guys get hurt. Blows up. Dillon's a dirty player, right?

Goes against LeBron. If he had no issue with LeBron before and hit him in the nuts like that before, and his name was not like that--

- True.

CHRIS BOUCHER: --would've been flagrant 1, accident, boom. But because of his name, hits him in the ball, it's him. Oh, it's LeBron and Dillon. Boom, that has to be something. Flagrant 2-- gets ejected. Boom, the fire lights up, and guess what? The media's just--

- So he reached for the ball--

CHRIS BOUCHER: --feeding over this because--

- --but hit the wrong one.

CHRIS BOUCHER: --it's amazing for us.

- He did hit a ball.

- He got a ball, all right, but it was the wrong damn one.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, but I guess what I'm saying to you guys-- you guys are crazy. What I'm saying to you guys is, if he didn't have that big issue with LeBron--

- That is true, yes.

CHRIS BOUCHER: --and just hit him, which happens all the time-- Jimmy Butler kicked me in the balls before. We didn't go crazy, right? Nobody know about it, right?

- OK, yes.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Because me and Jimmy didn't have no issue. But if me and Jimmy had an issue for a month, and he did that--

- That is true.

CHRIS BOUCHER: --oh, he tried to kick Chris in the balls. He's bad. Blah, blah. And the media is just feeding, which-- I would do it, too, if that was my job, but it's not.