Did you recognize that skyline in ‘The Last of Us’? HBO drama features Kansas City

Local fans of HBO’s hit post-apocalyptic drama “The Last of Us” saw some familiar Kansas City locations in Sunday’s episode.

The show, based on a 2013 video game developed by Naught Dog, is set 20 years after modern civilization has been destroyed by a pandemic that transforms people into zombie-like creatures. The series follows smuggler Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, as he escorts Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, across the U.S.

The fourth episode featured scenes shot in Kansas City last fall. You might remember traffic jams caused when scenes were shot along northbound and southbound Interstate 435, between Holliday Drive and Kansas Avenue, last October.

The show’s episode was excitedly received by local fans who saw familiar sites like the roller coasters at Worlds of Fun, highway signs and the Kansas City skyline.

“You Know I had to pause and verify that this shot was actually Worlds of Fun,” said roller coaster enthusiast lil dipster (@progotter) on Twitter.

Another fan said when anyone talks about “The Last of Us,” they will mention Episode 4 takes place in Kansas City.

“I literally worked at worlds of fun ALL LAST YEAR and never saw or heard of anyone recording anything for the show and JUST found out they were downtown last year,” @zzzdaemyra said on Twitter. “Im literally shook.”

Some fans recognized the highway signs in the show.

“I saw the 35 north to des moines, south to wichita sign and HOLLERED,” said Sophia Belshe (@SophiaBelshe) on Twitter.

One fan was singing the praises of the writers of the episode.

“As a Kansas native, they really did their research,” said @papi_abel_. “It’s such a small detail, but they even used the correct ambulances with the MAST logo. KC EMS was run by Municipal Ambulance Services Trust until 2010.”

Other fans tweeted screen grabs from the show.

Some, however, noticed that something was just a little bit off.

“I was pleasantly surprised last night’s episode of The Last of Us took place in Kansas City instead of Pittsburgh like the game did,” said John Paul (@eagleriverjohn) on Twitter. “It was cool seeing familiar landmarks in the show again, but like they did with Boston, the geography was a bit wonky haha.”

@FennecDumb on Twitter spent an hour trying to figure out the Kansas City skyline and GPS coordinate that matched the show’s shot of the skyline.

They determined it was a composite that included a shot of a highway near the international airport in Calgary, where the show is filmed. That location appears to be combined with a shot taken near 12th and Harrison streets looking west at the downtown Kansas City skyline.

Meanwhile, others felt the show depicted Kansas City accurately, at least in some respects.

“See I can relate to this episode of The Last of Us because I too can never find my way around Kansas City,” said @gracenieland on Twitter.

Others felt the same way.

“The most accurate part of The Last of Us is Joel driving around Kansas City confused at how and why the roads are laid out they way they are,” said @sass_snark on Twitter.

That prompted a response from @DaneDavenport who said: “I know they shot in Calgary but at one point when they were driving I recognized the spot they were imitating in north downtown KC and yelled ‘you’re going the wrong way!”