Did you receive a property tax-reduction flyer? If it looks like this one, it’s a scam

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Idaho Attorney General's Office

Idaho homeowners may have received a property tax reduction notice in the mail that appears to be from the Idaho State Tax Commission or another state governmental agency. It is a scam, said the Idaho Attorney General’s Office.

In a news release Tuesday, the attorney general’s office said the flyer is an attempt to get personal information from Idahoans and “contains inaccurate details about the state’s property tax reduction program.”

A copy of the flyer posted online says the recipient could save $1,500 in property taxes. It promises cash reimbursements for property taxes paid and tax exemptions for veterans, and says it would stop property taxes from increasing.

There is tax relief available to Idahoans from the Idaho Tax Commission. The main relief is in the form of a homeowners exemption for people who own and occupy their homes. It exempts from taxation 50% of the value of the home and up to one acre of land up to a maximum of $125,000.

The commission also has a circuit breaker program that low-income homeowners over 65 can apply for each year. There are income limits and other restrictions. If those are met, the program could reduce property taxes by up to $1,500.

If you have questions about Idaho’s Property Tax Reduction program, call your county assessor’s office or the Tax Commission at 208-334-7736.

The attorney general’s office recommends that people shred the flyer before disposing of it.

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