Did Kensington Palace Sign Off on the Kate Middleton Farm Shop Video?

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So, the Palace Knew About the Farm Shop Video Max Mumby/Indigo - Getty Images

You might think Kate Middleton's recent Farm Shop Video would have calmed down conspiracy theories about her whereabouts, buuuuut it appears to have done the exact opposite.

There's been non-stop chatter that the video actually featured Kate's look-alike (she denied this) and that it was secretly taken over Christmas (nope to this as well), and now The Sun has casually revealed that they showed the video to Kensington Palace before publishing it.

The Daily Beast notes that The Sun made if clear Kensington Palace "effectively signed of" on the video by casually slipping this into an article:

The Sun spoke to Kensington Palace to explain what we would be publishing before we ran the footage and photos.”

In other words, the Palace knew about the footage before it went public and didn't deny it was Kate.

Where Is Kate? Breaking Down Conspiracy Theories

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Photo credit: Getty Images

It's...getting complicated!

Kate Middleton's Photoshop Scandal Timeline

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Photo credit: Getty Images

The truth about what's going on BTS at the Palace.

Here’s Why Kate and William Divorce Rumors Are Spreading

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Photo credit: Getty Images

*Ahem: unsubstantiated divorce rumors.

Meanwhile, Kate and William have yet to speak out on the non-stop speculation surrounding the Princess of Wales' whereabouts, but their inner circle is certainly in the mood to chat!

One of Kate's friends told the Daily Beast that—despite conspiracy theories—her decision to show up at a local farm shop was “the right move, because ultimately she is fine and she needed that to be seen." They noted, “There’s nothing you can do these days about a bunch of headbangers who have a vested interest in keeping the conspiracies going. They will keep saying Catherine is a fake."

Another insider told the outlet that “William and Kate are nearly on the other side of this. You can argue that they should have approached the whole thing differently, but this is a marathon not a sprint. They have decades and decades of this life ahead of them, and the message is that they intend to guard their privacy, whatever the media say they should or shouldn’t do. When you look back at 2024 in a few years, you won’t even be able to see this, apart, maybe, from the Mother’s Day photo, which was, admittedly, a significant cock-up.”

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