How Did DoubleTree's Chocolate Chip Cookies Become So Famous?

chocolate chip walnut cookie
chocolate chip walnut cookie - ViKingSg/Shutterstock

The name DoubleTree stands out among hotels for one sweet reason: free chocolate chip cookies. Sure, it's common to receive free mints or chocolates from hotels, but a warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie leaves a much bigger impression. In fact, this impression measures up to a whopping 483 million cookies: the amount given out to guests since DoubleTree began this practice. The sheer scale at which these cookies are distributed easily lends itself to fame, but a combination of the ingeniousness of this act of hospitality and the delicious cookie itself have worked together to make this cookie so famous.

When DoubleTree's chocolate chip cookie practice began in 1986, the goal was to build brand loyalty. They were originally given out during the nightly turn-over services, but after about 10 years, the cookies moved down to the front desk to make guests' welcome at check-in as warm as possible. In fact, a guest satisfaction study found that its chocolate chip cookies were one of the top three reasons that guests chose to stay at DoubleTree hotels. The DoubleTree cookie recipe is just that good. On DoubleTree's Instagram (where it frequently flaunts this delicious perk of staying at its hotels), commenters back up this point. One person declared, "Best cookies! I go there just to have them," while another called them "a great way to start each day." Plus, it seems like if you go down for seconds, the front desk won't decline.

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The DoubleTree Cookie Is Not Your Average Chocolate Chip Cookie

hand holding DoubleTree cookie
hand holding DoubleTree cookie - DoubleTree by Hilton KL / Instagram

It's safe to say that if it weren't so delicious (and served warm), DoubleTree's chocolate chip cookie would never have become famous. It separates itself from generic chocolate chip cookies by including both rolled oats and walnuts for nutty flavor and pops of texture. They are also large, clocking in at approximately 2 ounces each, and according to its official recipe, consist of about 3 tablespoons of batter per scoop.

In 2020, DoubleTree released its iconic cookie recipe to the world so that everyone could get a taste of travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The recipe video, uploaded to Vimeo, has hundreds of thousands of views. People also took to social media to share their attempts at the recipe, resulting in plenty of viral videos on Instagram and TikTok.

DoubleTree has also launched multiple marketing campaigns centered around its chocolate chip cookies to facilitate its fame. The "Your Warm Cookie Awaits" campaign encouraged people to share welcoming "#SweetWelcome" moments on social media. Furthermore, the DoubleTree Doodle Contest had fans draw renditions of the cookie. Both campaigns featured chances to win free stays at DoubleTree hotels. In an impressive feat of intergalactic marketing, this cookie even journeyed to space. In 2019, the DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie became the first food to be baked in space when Hilton partnered with Zero G Kitchen to test a prototype oven aboard the International Space Station -- a giant step for cookiekind.

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