Diane Kruger's cat peed on her couch when she didn't take it to the Golden Globes

Diane Kruger celebrates her DuJour magazine cover at The Vnyl in New York City on Thursday night. (Photo: Sean Zanni/Getty Images for DuJour)

Being a celebrity isn’t just awards shows and glossy magazine covers. Sometimes — if you’re Diane Kruger — it also involves cleaning up cat urine before you head out of town for the Golden Globes.

At Thursday night’s celebration of Kruger’s DuJour cover at The Vnyl in New York City, the actress talked to Yahoo Lifestyle about traveling to Los Angeles earlier this month for the big show, where not only did her star vehicle In the Fade win for Best Motion Picture — Foreign Language Film, but also she took her romance with Norman Reedus public. Getting to the West Coast wasn’t without incident, she shared. There was drama at home before… with her cat.

“He’s an a**hole,” Kruger says of Hobbes, her faithful — and apparently spiteful — companion. The feline was upset he wasn’t making the cross-country trek with the star (he was staying behind with friends), so he got kitty cat revenge by peeing all over her leather couch.

Diane Kruger and director Fatih Akin in the press room after winning the Golden Globe award for Best Motion Picture — Foreign Language for In the Fade. (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

You see, Hobbes, who is gray-and-white purrfection, is used to going everywhere with the German-American actress. He even flew with her to Canada last year where she filmed.

In her DuJour cover story, Kruger elaborated about being a cat lady. “I’ve become this actress that travels with a frigging cat!” she said with exasperation. “I was shooting in Vancouver and I was like, Nope, I have to bring the cat. I’m there for weeks. So I’m the girl with, like, the cat out of the carrier going through security. Everybody’s like, Ugh, and I’m like, Oh, God, I’m that actress.”

Here is Hobbes. The caption says it all:

Kruger’s mention of Hobbes isn’t a surprise for fans of the actress. The cat graces many of her Instagram posts.

Some more Hobbes snapshots:

When she isn’t caring for — or cleaning up after — Hobbes, Kruger’s been extremely busy. In addition to the Globe win, she landed the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival in May for the same picture.

“It has been a crazy ride,” Kruger tells us. “You never make movies thinking they’re going to win awards.”

As for what’s ahead in 2018, the actress said, “I’m ready to get back to work.”

May we suggest she run all her plans by Hobbes first to get his OK.

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