Devin Logan's 'tiny hands' are the Olympics' strangest good luck charm

BOKWANG, South Korea — As good luck charms go, it’d be tough to come up with a more unsettling one than Devin Logan’s tiny hands.

Logan, a freestyle skier and silver medalist at Sochi, busted out the tiny hands during Saturday’s slopestyle event, waving to the crowd with the miniature hands after every run. And, to some extent, they did help; she easily skied her way into the finals before falling to 10th place.

“I got it from my brother,” she said after her Saturday run. “They’re just a fun little toy and they really freak some people out.” That they do, as you can see in the video above, featuring Devin approaching (and, in some cases, caressing) unsuspecting fellow athletes with her freakishly tiny hands.

Devin’s older brother Chris gave her the hands, encouraging her to take them to South Korea to see what kinds of reactions she could get. Chris and brother Sean were two of the most instrumental forces in getting Devin to ski at a championship level, and it looks like their good advice doesn’t end at the bottom of the mountain.

Astute pop-culture aficionados will remember the tiny hands from both a Kristin Wiig skit on “Saturday Night Live” and a particularly creepy scene from “Deadpool.” Now they’ve got a third reference point! (You can grab a pair for yourself on Amazon for less than ten bucks.)

Logan will return to the slopes on Monday, when qualifying begins for the halfpipe event. And with any luck, she might just grasp another medal in those tiny hands.

Devin Logan and her ‘tiny hands’ (via screenshot)

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