Developing the Perfect Face Mask to Destroy All Airborne Virus and Bacterial Particles... The Face of the Future?

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JUPITER, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2021 / Young Florida Intellectual Property powerhouse has developed and filed patents on a mask that actively disables viral and bacterial particles, rather than just filter them. Because the mask uses powerful UVC diodes it is also self-cleaning.

The mask, which represents a new space in personal protective equipment is non strain nor pathogen specific, but uses light irradiation to disable viruses and render them harmless.

The mask has been engineered, prototyped and tested in thousands of computer simulations in Sweden. It has been redesigned several times and now duplicates in simulation the performance of the aluminum nitrate diodes tested in ambient, non-mask applications at Boston University, where they disabled most Covid-19 viral particles.

The National Academy of Science of Ukraine will be conducting the first clinical tests of this novel patent pending mask in the next several weeks.

Donald Spector, Inventor, which upon successful clinical testing, will partner with a major manufacturer attempting to hit the market in 2022. Developed by famed inventor Donald Spector, the mask represents a new industry as well as hope in the fight against all airborne diseases. Spector, has opened several billion- dollar industries and previously worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb which set up a separate division for his patents.

Former Senator Michael Balboni, appointed as New York State's first Homeland Security Czar after 9/11 stated, "I worked with Don Spector at the inception of the LED Mask and have watched as he has overcome the tremendous difficulties associated with incorporating powerful diodes in a small mask. The genius of this design is the employment of powerful UV radiation, while ensuring heat dissipation and the complete shielding of the users' eyes and skin. The design focuses the light on the air transfer and is safely contained within the compact and comfortable mask."

Honorable Michael Balboni

Balboni continued, "I have discussed this concept with several high-ranking public officials in the health field and they have reinforced the desire to increase the effectiveness of the personal mask, especially against a broader range of pathogens. This concept can be a major step towards achieving safe public spaces without having to retrofit buildings to control airborne diseases. I believe that this design represents a major change in protective equipment needed to combat future pandemics. Our health care systems in the United States and the world should be providing protective personal equipment for Covid-19 as well as the NEXT PANDEMIC."



SOURCE: IPI Holdings Inc.

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