Developers propose name for street on new development

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Scone Development has submitted a form proposing a street name for a new development located at the west end of Shelburne.

Shelburne Town Council received a report during their meeting on Oct. 18, which requested the proposed name for the private condominium road within the development be called “Scone Lane”. The name “Scone” would be acronym with the “s” standing for Shelburne and the remaining four letters related to the builder’s family.

Following the report, councillors shared their thoughts on the requested name including their preference of naming the street based on Shelburne heritage instead.

“I don’t like the fact that we’re naming it after families or whatever connection it has to the builder and developer’s families,” said Coun. Walter Bennotto. “I prefer that we go towards heritage like we’ve done in the past with Indigenous or someone that contributed, whether they’re a war hero or participated in the war or done something for Shelburne.”

The land where the plans for the development are drafted, is located along the east side of the former railway corridor at the west end of First Avenue West and Second Avenue West, north of Main Street West at Gordon Street. The land subject to the draft plans has a total area of around three acres.

Steve Wever, Shelburne’s town planner, noted to councillors that the development was originally to be linked to a railway theme based on its proximity to where the train station used to be located.

Alternative options for the street name included Railway Lane and Junction Lane, according to the report.

Councillors debated forwarding naming possibilities to the Heritage Committee.

“We are definitely open to alternatives for the street name, especially in line with the heritage of the site,” said Scone Development planner, Kimberly Harrison-McMillan. “Our concern is more in terms of delaying this discussion. It’s currently affecting our ability to move forward with Hydro One in our application through their office. If we could expedite that conversation and come to a decision on a street name sooner rather than later, would be very much appreciated.”

The Town previously approved a request in the Emerald Crossing subdivision to name on street as “Leanne Lane” as a name of significance to the development company. Remaining streets in the subdivision were named with Indigenous and local wildlife flora and fauna names.

The new development is drafted to include six residential blocks for a total of 33 townhouse units, and a block for future development at the corner of Main and Gordon Street.

Further information including other options for the naming of the street is expected to come back to council in November.

Paula Brown, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Shelburne Free Press

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